BioMed Central’s increasing recognition


BioMed Central and our journals have rarely been
out of the media spotlight throughout 2008. A quick analysis of Google News
shows 672 stories about BioMed Central in 2008 (projected to be well over 1008
by the end of the year).

Whilst Google News does not list all of the
coverage which BioMed Central has obtained, it does show a like-for-like
increase in the number of news stories obtained of 390 in 2007 and a massive
five-fold increase from 49 stories since the company started operating in 2000.


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One Comment

kenneth p mitton, ph.d.

Having just published our first time with BMC (Molecular Biology), I can certainly recommend others consider doing the same. I certainly agree with open access, and the quality of your reviewing process was fine. The Website is a great system for not only doing the submission, but for tracking new articles in my areas of interest.

Ken Mitton
Eye Research Institute
Oakland University
Rochester Michigan, USA

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