BioMed Central at the Festival of Science

year the British Association for the Advancement of Science holds the Festival of Science,
one of Europe’s biggest science festivals. This year BioMed Central is taking
part in the event, to be held at the University of Liverpool (UK) next month.

BioMed Central takes an active interest in
how scientific research is made available to developing countries, we are
holding a free forum entitled ‘How
science addresses developing world issues
‘. The aim is to get research
organizations, charities and the media together to discuss how research and open
communication is needed to advance medical understanding in diseases, such as
malaria and AIDS, prevalent in developing countries.
We have
lined up a number of experts to appear at the event. BioMed Central’s
Publisher, Matt Cockerill, will chair the forum. Speakers include Hattie Begg,
Advocacy and Research Officer of African
Medical and Research Foundation
; Dr Colin Sutherland, Lecturer at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
and Editorial Board Member of Malaria
Barbara Kirsop from the Electronic Publishing Trust for
; and David Dickson, Editor of

The forum
is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, 10 September at 4pm. This will
be held in Lecture Theatre C, ULRB at the University
of Liverpool
and will conclude at 6pm, after which refreshments will be
served. Entry to the event is free, courtesy of the Wellcome Trust. Bookings can
be made via the Festival of Science website.

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