Chemistry Central Journal accepted into Web of Science

The growth of open access to research in chemistry has lagged behind other fields, but it just took a significant leap
forwards with the news, announced at the American Chemical Society
meeting in Philadelphia this week, that Chemistry Central Journal
has been accepted for tracking by Thomson Reuters. The journal will be included in the Science Citation Index,
starting from Volume 1 (2007). This means that all the articles published in Chemistry Central Journal will be
available through Web of Science, and also that the journal will receive its
first Impact Factor in less than a year’s time, in June 2009.

This is great news for Chemistry
Central Journal
, and more broadly reflects increasing momentum for open
access in chemistry, as demonstrated by projects such as PubChem and ChemSpider.

We look forward to helping more chemistry researchers to experience
the benefits of open access publishing over the coming months. See Chemistry Central Journal‘s instructions for
for more information.

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