José Carranza-Rojas, Dr. Erick Mata-Montero & Dr. Pierre Bonnet

José Carranza-Rojas is a computer vision / artificial intelligence Ph.D. student at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology with a special focus on Deep Learning applied to biodiversity conservation, in particular, automated image-based plant identification. He is currently doing research on using plant taxonomy information for better automatic hierarchical plant identification, as well as using herbaria information for identifications.

Dr. Erick Mata-Montero is a researcher in Biodiversity Informatics at the Costa Rica Institute of Technology. He has been Director of the Biodiversity Informatics Program at the National Biodiversity Institute (INBio), Chair of GBIF’s Scientific Committee, and Executive Director of Encyclopedia of Life. His main research interests include automated image-based organismal identification, scientific data visualization, and algorithmic graph theory.

Dr. Pierre Bonnet is a permanent research scientist at CIRAD in France, based in AMAP laboratory (a Joint Research Unit for plant architecture, specialized in tropical botany and bioinformatics). His topics of interests are Botany, plant ecology, and applied computer science. He got his Ph.D. in 2008 from the University of Montpellier, after two and half years of activities in South East Asia, in close collaboration with the National Herbarium of the Netherlands (Leiden) and the National University of Laos (Vientiane). Since 2009, he works as coordinator of Pl@ntNet initiative, in close collaboration with scientists and engineers of INRA, INRIA, and IRD, in order to promote citizen science for gathering new data on plants.

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