Dr Florian Gehre, Mr Dembo Kanteh & Professor Martin Antonio

Dr Florian Gehre did his PhD work at The Rockefeller University, New York, USA, after which he pursued a Master in Public Health (MPH) at Imperial College, London. Currently he is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Tropical Medicine (ITM) in Antwerp, Belgium, and the Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia. His research focusses on transmission dynamics and drug-resistance of M. tuberculosis and M. africanum in West Africa.

Mr Dembo Kanteh heads the Research Support at the MRC where he supervises eleven project managers. He has a keen interest in running proper management services in projects and extends this to partner institutions in West Africa. He was the senior project manager for WANETAM in the MRC Unit The Gambia and has participated in the projects running from inception to ending.

Professor Martin Antonio is a Principal Investigator at the Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia and the Work Package Leader for the EDCTP-funded TB aspect of the WANETAM project. Prof Antonio is also the Director of WHO Regional Reference Laboratory for Invasive Bacterial Diseases and Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, (London, UK). His research is focused on the leverage of new molecular technologies in diagnosis of tropical infections, investigation of microbial transmission and clinical trials.

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