Craig Bodman & Dr Paula Foscarini-Craggs

Craig Bodman is a Research Assistant and Data Manager at the Centre for Trials Research. He works within the Infection, Inflammation, and Immunity and the Mind Brain and Neuroscience themes and has experience in solid cancer and haematology.

Dr Paula Foscarini-Craggs obtained a BA (Hons) degree in Psychology at Glendon College, York University, and completed her PhD in Psychology, with a focus on motivation, identity, physical activity, and healthy eating, at Swansea University. Currently, Paula is a research associate and trial manager in the Centre for Trials Research at Cardiff University. She is responsible for setting up and managing clinical trials in both the Infections, Inflammation, and Immunity and Brain Health and Mental Wellbeing themes within the trial’s Unit. Her own academic interests focus on the role of social factors and identity on physical activity behaviour and the role of physical movement in increasing wellbeing and reducing barriers to accessing mental health support.

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