Bob Stewart and Aaron CT Smith

Bob Stewart is a Professor of Sport Policy in the College of Sport and Exercise Science at Victoria University in Melbourne Australia with a special interest in player regulation in professional team sports, and the ways in which the forces of neoliberalism and hyper-commercialism shape the structure and conduct of contemporary sport. He has spent the last eight years investigation the drugs-in-sport problem, and is current examining the costs and benefits associated with the implementation of the World Anti-Doping Agency rules and processes.

Aaron CT Smith is a Professor in the Graduate School of Business and Law, College of Business at RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia. His research interests lie in the management of psychological, organisational and policy change in business, sport, health, religion and society. He has consulted extensively in the Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and the Middle East including multi-national corporations, professional sporting clubs, national and state sport associations, media companies, sport and entertainment facilities, and government.

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