Ashwaq M Al-Nazawi & Ernest Tambo

Ashwaq Alnazawi is a consultant in molecular microbiology at the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia with 15 years of experience with vector control, which includes expertise in insecticide resistance in mosquitoes and cross-resistance mechanisms. She provides advice on integrative resistance management and disease control strategies. She trained at Nottingham Trent University (MSc in Molecular Cell Biology) and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (PhD in Vector Biology). Her objective is to further pursue my passion for knowledge use and skills building, research and evidence synthesis and use in healthcare delivery including control and elimination of mosquito vector borne disease policies decision and resources allocation for performance and effectiveness in Saudi Arabia.

Ernest Tambo is a Senior Public Health and Policy Analyst, Associate Professor of Pharmacology and global Health. He cumulates over 13 years epidemiology and public health experiences and achievements including field and frontline emergency operations, M&E and project manager/coordinator in Africa, Middle East and China. He is the Founding Director and CEO of Africa Disease Intelligence, Preparedness and Response (ADIPaR), a Not-for-profits and Charity NGO in Africa.

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