Anna Melidoni

Anna is the editor of BMC Cardiovascular Disorders and BMC Endocrine Disorders and has been with the BMC Series since 2019. She studied Biology, with an emphasis on Cell/Molecular/Developmental Biology at the University of Crete, Greece. She has a PhD in Molecular Biology from Queen Mary, University of London and extensive Postdoctoral experience at the Universities of Ioannina, Greece and Cambridge, UK, where she worked on the role of cell-surface receptors (Wnt/Notch/FGF4) and adherens junctions in the fate specification of mouse embryonic stem (mES) cells and mES-derived multipotent cardiac progenitors. She also worked in the development of an ES-cell-based expression and reporting system for the identification of functional antibodies that control stem cell differentiation from antigen-binding populations preselected with phage display.