Anna Melidoni

Anna studied Biology, with an emphasis on Cell/Molecular/Developmental Biology at the University of Crete, Greece. During her PhD in Queen Mary, University of London she worked on the knockout of Flavin-containing monoxygenase 5 (Fmo5) gene of the mouse, which eventually led to the identification of Fmo5 as a regulator of metabolic aging. As a Postdoc at the Universities of Ioannina, Greece and the University of Cambridge, UK she worked on the role of cell-surface receptors (Wnt/Notch/FGF4) and adherens junctions in the fate specification of mouse embryonic stem (mES) cells and mES-derived multipotent cardiac progenitors. She also worked in the development of an ES-cell-based expression and reporting system for the identification of functional antibodies that control stem cell differentiation from antigen-binding populations preselected with phage display. Anna is a Manuscript editor in a wide range of BMC series journals since March 2019.

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