Adama Saccoh and colleagues

Adama Saccoh is a medical physiology graduate at the end of a masters in Medical Ultrasound at Imperial College London, Department of Medicine. Adama's masters thesis focuses on understanding the early detection of RV failure in pulmonary hypertensive patients using speckle tracking echocardiography. Additionally, Adama enjoys science outreach and communication through her blog.

Dr Catherine Tcheandjieu is a postdoc in genetic epidemiology of Cardiovascular disease (CVD) at Stanford School of Medicine. Catherine use population-level genomic data to better understand and predict the risk of CVD with a special focus on minority ethnic groups, in particular African Americans and Hispanic Americans.

Debora Kamin Mukaz MS PhD is postdoctoral associate at the Laboratory for Clinical Biochemistry Research at the University of Vermont . Debora's research sought to understand the role of TMEM16F, a platelet protein, in hemostasis and thrombosis. Last year, Dr. Kamin Mukaz was awarded a PhD in Medical Sciences from the University of Delaware. Her doctoral work examined the epidemiology of diabetes in African migrants to the United States. Currently, Dr. Kamin Mukaz is a postdoctoral associate at the Laboratory for Clinical Biochemistry Research at the University of Vermont. The focus of her work is to analyze and interpret cardiovascular and cardiometabolic data (including COVID-19) for the Reasons for Geographic and Racial Differences in Stroke (REGARDS). The REGARDS is a long-running national study, which has been extensively funded by the NIH

Jason Amartey MRes is a PhD student at the Nottingham School of Medicine, UK. His research is based on the revascularisation of ischaemic diseases, particularly focused on the role of splicing factors and kinases and their effect on ischaemic diseases such as peripheral vascular disease. Jason is very passionate about increasing diversity and representation of underrepresented groups in STEM.

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