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The genesis of MRSA: resistance emerged years before the introduction of methicillin in the clinic


New research published in Genome Biology finds that methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) emerged years before the antibiotic methicillin was used in clinical practice, overturning the conventional wisdom that the widespread use of the methicillin was the driving force behind the evolution of MRSA. Here to tell us about their surprising discovery are authors of the research Catriona Harkins and Mathew Holden.

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Vladimir Putin and the empty chair: Can people spot fake pictures?

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New research published in Cognitive Research: Principles & Implications finds that people can only detect a fake image of a real word scene 60% of the time and can only identify exactly what has been manipulated in the image 45% of the time. This blog written by Stephan Lewandowsky of the Psychonomic Society explores this research in the context of real word instances where people have been duped by fake images.

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Potential therapy for Parkinson’s disease through llama antibodies


A study published today in BMC Biology reports that llama-derived nanobodies – essentially miniature antibodies – might find therapeutic application in Parkinson’s disease, with nanobodies binding to harmful protein clumps called oligomers to neutralize toxicity and help prevent cell death. Here to tell us more are two authors of the paper Erwin De Genst and Marija Iljina.