About the BMC Series

The BMC series publishes 65 subject-specific journals focused on the needs of individual research communities across all areas of biology and medicine. We offer an efficient, fair and friendly peer review service, and are committed to publishing all sound science, provided that there is some advance in knowledge presented by the work.

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About this blog

The BMC Series blog aims to highlight high-impact, thought-provoking research from across our journals, covering everything from public health to ecology.

We also write up conferences we’ve been to, discuss journal developments and open access, and comment on news in the world of research.

Most of our posts are written by staff on the Series, but you’ll also hear from our Editor Board Members, and a variety of guest bloggers.


  • Alison Cuff

    Author profile image Alison is a Senior Editor for the BMC-series. She studied at the University of Reading completing a PhD on investigating the effects of mutations on the structure of p53. After working for a time in academia, she joined BioMed Central in May 2014, as a Database Editor for the ISRCTN registry. Alison joined the BMC-series in November 2016.

  • Brock Madsen

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  • Ciarán Fitzpatrick

    Author profile image Ciaràn is an Editor for the BMC Series since March 2019. He obtained his BSc in Neuroscience from University College Dublin, MSc & PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. He researchs the neurochemical correlates of behaviour relevant to psychiatric disorders cross-species. Having most enjoyed the publishing process during his PhD, Ciaràn relocated to London to join BMC. He is committed to promoting valid science on open-access platforms.

  • Natalie Pafitis

    Author profile image Natalie joined BioMed Central in October 2007 after having completed an MSc in Environmental Health at the Cyprus International Institute in Association with the Harvard School of Public Health. She is the training co-ordinator for the BMC series editorial team and the Editor of BMC Public Health and BMC International Health and Human Rights.

  • Oliver Cocks

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  • Rebecca Strong

    Author profile image Rebecca is a Team Leader on the BMC Series Assistant Editor team and originally joined BMC as an Editorial Operations Coordinator in November 2015. She has a MSc in Science, Technology and Society from University College London and a BSc in Natural Sciences from the University of East Anglia. She has worked on a number of journals in the BMC Series including BMC Cancer, BMC Energy and BMC Hematology.

  • Rosie Brooks

    Author profile image Rosie is currently an Assistant Editor working on the BMC Series. She joined BMC in 2018 after completing her bachelor's degree in Biomedical Science at the University of Warwick.

  • Tillie Cryer

    Author profile image Tillie has a Bachelor of Science in Bioveterinary Science and a Master of Research in Veterinary Microbiology. She has previously researched the invasive and antimicrobial resistance properties of Avian Pathogenic E. coli. In 2017, Tillie joined BMC as an Assistant Editor and in 2019, became the Editor of BMC Dermatology, BMC Nephrology, BMC Veterinary Research and BMC Urology.

  • Tovah Honor Aronin

    Author profile image Tovah has been an Editor for the BMC series since 2016. Before moving into publishing, Tovah received her Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, USA, where she studied calcium signaling in yeast, developing a novel microscopy probe for real-time measurement of calcineurin activity. Tovah's path to scientific publishing started with an early fascination with Punnett squares and a focus on genetics, which then broadened into an interest in the communication and application of scientific research across disciplines. Along with working on her journals, Tovah enjoys interacting with the research community through seminars and workshops related to scientific publishing.