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Highlights of the BMC Series: March 2019


A new section in BMC Anesthesia open for submissions • Preventing and treating adhesions occurring after surgery • Managing carbon dioxide emissions in the chemical industry • Anti-cancer properties of a compound found in garlic • Views of general practitioners and parents on antibiotic prescribing • An optimized protocol for producing cerebral organoids

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Promoting the competition: A randomized trial of cash incentives for postnatal care referrals by Traditional Birth Attendants

Postnatal care in a formal health facility can be critical in preventing complications and even death of new mothers and babies. Use of postnatal care, however, is low in places like Nigeria where many women give birth supported by a Traditional Birth Attendant rather than a formally trained, skilled provider. BMC Pregnancy and Chilbirth has just published the results of a trial using monetary incentives to encourage Traditional Birth Attendants to refer clients to postnatal care in the local healthcare facility. In this blog post, the authors discuss and provide context for their findings.