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Keep the neurons firing after Brain Awareness Week

This year, Brain Awareness Week took place from March 10th-16th. Led by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives, it aimed to involve the research community in disseminating the benefits and advancement of brain research around the world. To celebrate, Springer and BioMed Central launched ‘#Neurostars’ – the top cited, shared and downloaded articles of 2013… Read more »


The unintended effects of statins

Hand with pills

This is a guest post from the authors of a paper on statins published on Saturday in BMC Medicine. Statins have hit the headlines a lot over the last few weeks. Here, the authors take us through the findings of their review and analysis into the unintended effects of these drugs. Statins are widely used in… Read more »


SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands

world health org

  Antimicrobial resistance is a global and critical issue facing the world today. Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control is supporting the World Health Organisation in their campaign ‘SAVE LIVES: Clean your hands’, which aims to increase global awareness of the role of hand hygiene to combat antimicrobial resistance. The WHO awareness day is the 5th… Read more »


Recent advances in targeted breast cancer treatments

Substantial progress has been made in the targeted therapy of breast cancer, with three new targeted therapies licensed for advanced breast cancer over the last two years. Targeted therapies block the growth and spread of cancer by interfering in specific biological processes responsible for cancer cell growth. Therefore targeted therapies may be more effective and… Read more »


How is healthcare becoming more individualized?

Last week, we took a look at how mobile healthcare apps can personalize healthcare in our blog post. While such apps represent an innovative way of measuring data and incentivizing a healthy lifestyle, there are also many other approaches to patient-tailored medicine that are currently being explored in the clinic. In our podcast featured in… Read more »