Critical Care: A selective look back and a glimpse forward

Critical Care has recently published a collection of nine reviews based on presentations from the ‘Future of critical care medicine (FCCM) 2012: Today’s practice and a look to the future’ symposium held in January this year.

The collection covers a wide range of intensive care topics. Professor John J Marini, the Supplement Editor, provides a review on the history of mechanical ventilation and the important lessons that have been learned. The Editor-in-Chief of Critical Care, Professor Jean-Louis Vincent, looks back over the past 60 years of intensive care to find inspiration to discuss the future in his review, ‘Critical care – where have we been and where are we going?’. Other reviews in the collection go on to explore important subjects such as hemodynamics, physiological monitoring, and nutrition.  In the final article, the authors of this supplement including expert voices such as Professor John J Marini, Professor Jean-Louis Vincent, and Professor Meryvn Singer, come together to compose a selected set of ideas to improve the future of critical care.

The supplement was funded by Fresenius Kabi.

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Eleanor Tyler
Editorial Assistant – Critical Care

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