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Highlights of the October issue of Genome Medicine: A gene expression signature in glioblastoma neural stem cells, changes in the skin microbiome composition with puberty, advances in salivary biomarker technology, the future of single-cell genomics, and more


The October issue of Genome Medicine features articles covering a range of topics across our broad scope. The issue starts with Michael Wigler’s musings on the future applications of single-cell technologies for basic cell biology and biomedical research beyond cancer. Two reviews were also published in October; one by Tamim Shaikh and colleagues discussing the… Read more »


Cardioprotective effects of catalase and a Cardiology Update

Anthrax is a life-threatening infectious disease caused by spore-forming Gram-positive bacterium Bacillus anthracis. There has been much research interest on understanding the pathophysiology of anthrax infection especially after the anthrax bioterrorism in USA in 2001 in which postal workers died of inhalational anthrax. A recent study published in BMC Medicine evaluated whether the antioxidant enzyme… Read more »


Looking to the future of allergy research


Once considered to be a rare disease, the prevalence and impact of allergy continues to rise and is now thought to affect almost 1 Billion people worldwide. Such widespread incidence of allergic disease has a huge impact on public health systems, resulting in a need to prioritise research efforts in order to achieve sustainable results… Read more »


Metabolomics podcast by Genome Medicine


To round off our series on the Metabolomics of disease, Genome Medicine’s Editor, Rebecca Furlong, talks to leading scientists Tim Veenstra, David Wishart and Jeremy Nicholson. Tim Veenstra (National Cancer Institute at Frederick) discusses the tremendous potential of metabolomics and hopes that it can avoid the pitfalls of the early days of proteomics, when numerous… Read more »