World Alzheimer's Day and Month

Dementia is a huge global health challenge. If dementia was a country it would be the 18th largest in terms of gross domestic product, listed between Turkey and Indonesia.

21st September marks World Alzheimer’s Day, and also celebrates the conclusion of the first World Alzheimer’s Month (WAM). “Dementia: Living together” is the theme of this special month and focuses on reducing the stigma associated with dementia.

Alzheimer associations across the world have been working with Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), creators of WAM, to influence governments and opinion leaders to make communities more dementia-friendly. Their aim is to create a society where dementia patients and families can live without discrimination.

In a special commentary for Alzheimer’s Research & Therapy, Marc Wortmann (Executive Director of ADI), explains the importance of commissioning World Alzheimer Reports to highlight the growing impact of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia on society, and the need to create national Alzheimer Plans to provide a framework for action. Read more here.

Over 600 million people in the world are estimated to live with dementia in the next 40 years with one new case of dementia diagnosed every 4 seconds – a staggering 7.7 million cases per year.

It is important that governments continue to work to encourage policies that will improve dementia care and services, and that awareness is increased in the general public to improve the understanding of dementia and changing of attitudes.

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