Journal of Medical Case Reports publishes its 2000th case report

Journal of Medical Case Reports publishes its 2000th case report today. Since its launch in 2007, the journal has provided a venue for medically important case reports and case series, publishing articles on a range of conditions as diverse as liver toxicity associated with chemotherapy treatment, and acute paranoid psychotic behaviour arising from manganese exposure.

In this 2000th case report from Gahr et al., the authors hypothesize that melperone-augmented haloperidol can be considered as a possible treatment strategy in patients with schizophrenia who have CYP2D6 ultrarapid metabolization status and who experience an insufficient antipsychotic effect with amisulpride.

Editor-in-Chief, Professor Michael Kidd, says of the journal’s 2000th case: ‘The report is typical of many of the case reports published during the journal’s first five years. It describes a therapeutic challenge and carefully outlines the approaches taken by the authors to provide a better clinical outcome for their patient. Publication of such case reports is important as it raises the possibility of new therapeutic approaches, prompting other clinicians to consider such approaches in their own clinical care and encouraging further research.’

In its five years, Journal of Medical Case Reports has supported innovation in case reporting. The journal has not only published 2000 reports, but also developed article collections, published editorials
covering a range of topics, and, more recently, introduced research
as a platform to analyse the impact of, and improve the
reporting of, case reports and associated information. The journal is
also supporting the development of Cases Database, BioMed Central’s
database of case reports to be launched later this year.

Journal of Medical Case Reports is a vital archive of case report literature, such as Garh et al.’s work, which contributes to the expansion of medical
knowledge, development of diagnostic tools and enhancement of medical
treatments. Increasing and improving the reporting of cases allows the medical and research community to
build upon existing evidence and identify failing approaches.

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