Trials journal setting standards in trial publication

The journal Trials was launched with the aim of improving the quality and reporting of randomized controlled trials. With the recent publication of the updated CONSORT guidelines, there has been a growing emphasis within the clinical trials community on complete and accurate reporting. Although there is still much work to be done, Trials has been gaining recognition in the peer reviewed literature for its innovative approach to publishing clinical trials.

The author’s toolkit recently published in Current Medical Research and Opinion shares the journal’s view that all results should be reported regardless of outcome, and recognizes Trials as a journal that encourages the publication of negative results. In the BMJ, Peter Gøtzsche and colleagues commend the journal’s approach to promoting the discussion of methodological issues by publishing critical commentaries of published trials.

This recognition of Trials in the literature reflects the journal’s increasing importance in the field. By striving to achieve the goals set out in its lead editorial and actively promoting high-quality reporting, Trials is setting the standard for publishing clinical trials.

Jenny Withers
Assistant Journal Development Editor – Trials

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