Multiple sclerosis-new Minireview in BMC Medicine

If you’re like
me, you probably know at least one person affected by multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune demyelinating disease of the central nervous system that
strikes during young adulthood.  Like
many other neurological diseases, the deterioration that results from multiple
sclerosis is tragic, and the development of
more effective treatment is a very active area of research.

How effective are
the current treatments?  What is
understood about how these treatments work to modify advancement of multiple sclerosis pathology? What are the
current treatments in drug trials, and what is needed in the future to achieve
truly effective treatment for different subsets of patients?  These are the main issues that Spain
and colleagues
from the Oregon Health and Science University address in their minireview “Recent Developments in Multiple
Sclerosis Therapeutics(link)” published this week in BMC Medicine.

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