Monthly Archives: March 2009

Noninvasive Brain stimulation a thematic series from Journal of Neuroengineering and Rehabilitation

With a predicted rise in neurological disorders in the coming years, the new thematic series published in Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation entitled ‘’Noninvasive Brain stimulation’’ (NBS) gives an important evaluation of the emergent technologies of non-invasive brain stimulation. The series of 6 articles brings together leaders in the fields of robotics, NBS, plasticity and… Read more »


New thematic series from Molecular Neurodegeneration that asks ‘What kills neurons in neurodegenerative disease?’

To refresh efforts to answer the question ‘What kills neurons in neurodegenerative disease?’, Molecular Neurodegeneration have commenced publication of a new thematic series with this title. In the last few decades experiments have been conducted, which have determined the triggers of most neurodegenerative disease. However the pathological processes, the precise pathways that lead to neuronal… Read more »


Sharing of knowledge – Making the best of research data

Almost 10 years after the publication of the first draft  of the human genome, the subject of the public availability of research data continues to stir debate. In his editorial published in Genome Medicine’s March issue, Section Editor and CNRS Research Director Charles Auffray discusses the need for improvement in the availability and sharing of… Read more »