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developments in Alzheimer’s disease therapeutics
”, written by Michael Rafii
and Paul Aisen, reviews current strategies for tackling a disease that affects
more than 37 million people worldwide. By assessing recent clinical trials that
have tested drug therapies for Alzheimer’s disease, the authors discuss the
most promising potential future treatments of this debilitating disease. 

This article constitutes the first of a series of reviews
and minireviews that will be published in BMC Medicine. 

We would also like to welcome Paul Aisen as one of several
new members of the BMC Medicine Editorial Board. We
look forward to working further with him and the rest of the Editorial Board to
bring you more thought-provoking and informative content.

The editors are pleased to announce that submission of
reviews and minireviews is now open via our electronic submission system – we
will consider those that offer our readers a broad range of content. If you have an idea for a review
or minireview
that you feel would be of interest to the general medical/clinical audience, we
welcome pre-submission
, with a short abstract, an outline of your experience in the
field, and an explanation of the importance and novelty of the article. We also
welcome submissions
of original research that are suited to our scope. To be appropriate for BMC Medicine articles
need to be of outstanding quality, broad interest and special importance.

We hope you will enjoy our first minireview, and we look
forward to receiving your ideas for future reviews in BMC Medicine.

Robin Cassady-Cain, In-house Editor for BMC



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