Surviving Sepsis Campaign publishes new guidelines

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The revised 2008 Surviving Sepsis Campaign guidelines – recommendations compiled by 55 intensive care unit experts and 16 scientific societies – have recently been published online. In a new commentary for Critical Care, Editor-in-Chief Professor Jean-Louis Vincent explains their importance to the field of intensive care and emergency medicine.

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign is a joint effort by the European Society of Critical Care Medicine, the International Sepsis Forum, and the Society of Critical Care Medicine to raise global standards of the management, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis. In this article Prof Vincent discusses the process of developing the guidelines and explains their credibility.


Surviving sepsis: a guide to the guidelines
Jean-Louis Vincent, John C Marshall
Critical Care 2008, 12:162 (30 June 2008)
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Surayya Johar
In-house Editor, Critical Care

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