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Eating for two? Feeding habits during pregnancy may have lasting consequences

Three mice running towards a piece of cheese

The eating habits of a mother during pregnancy have a profound impact on children and even grandchildren. Blindly following a saying like ‘eating for two’ without paying attention to the selection of food and nutrients can have repercussions. In this study, the authors demonstrated in a mouse model that mothers eating fat-rich food during the perinatal period predisposes the children and even the grandchildren to addiction-like behaviors and obesity.


Witnessing lifesaving neonatal innovations in Malawi

bubble CPAP

Malawi has the highest rate of preterm births in the world, meaning newborns are prone to developing respiratory disease syndrome. Maggie Woo Kinshella tells us about her recent visit to Chatinkha Nursery in Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, Malawi, a special neonatal intensive care unit where babies with respiratory distress syndrome can be treated with life-saving bubble CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines.