Forthcoming international joint special issue

In June 2008, Human Resources for Health shall lead an international joint special issue that involves more than 20 journals publishing articles addressing the broad theme, "Towards a scaling-up of training and education for health workers".  Issues such as inadequate compensation and working conditions, the deteriorating health of the workforce in many developing countries, urban/rural and workforce imbalance, and migration of the workforce from developing to developed countries shall all be discussed.

The final deadline for submissions has passed and we were delighted to receive over 200 article proposals from throughout the world concerning the critical need for a skilled and sustainable health workforce.  Planned publication is throughout 2008. There will be an online facility to respond to published articles in order to accommodate a live debate. 

For those of you who have successfully passed through the initial peer review process, we will be in contact in the near future providing details on submission instructions for the journal your article has been recommended for. 

For any queries, please contact:   

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