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HRHJ's second quarterly issue – Your views

We are currently hoping to launch our second quarterly issue in spring 2008 following our aforementioned winter issue on health leadership. What theme / health workforce issue would you be interested in reading about? Let us know and help us choose our next theme. Contact with your suggestions.

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HRHJ recent articles of interest

Improving quality of reproductive health care in Senegal through formative supervision: results from four districts Siri Suh, Philippe Moreira and Moussa Ly Human Resources for Health 2007, 5:26doi:10.1186/1478-4491-5-26 Published: 29 November 2007 Abstract (provisional) Background In Senegal, traditional supervision often focuses more on collection of service statistics than on evaluation of service quality. This approach yields… Read more »

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HRHJ Podcast – Your views

This would provide information and audio excerpts from our journal in a downloadable format, available on our website. Which issues would you like to hear more about?  Please let us know if you would be interested in receiving this and we would welcome any comments!  Contact with your suggestions. 

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HRHJ's first quarterly issue

Winter 2007: Later this year, HRHJ is planning to launch its first quarterly issue.  These quarterly issues will consist of a selection of articles all addressing a particular health workforce issue.  Our first quarterly issue shall focus on ‘Health Leadership’.  It will consist of a series of articles addressing health leadership issues along with several case studies used to illustrate and provide examples… Read more »

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Forthcoming international joint special issue

In June 2008, Human Resources for Health shall lead an international joint special issue that involves more than 20 journals publishing articles addressing the broad theme, "Towards a scaling-up of training and education for health workers".  Issues such as inadequate compensation and working conditions, the deteriorating health of the workforce in many developing countries, urban/rural… Read more »

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