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Visual search behaviours of association football referees


Referees’ decisions are often a major talking point when it comes to sports games. With the need to make spilt second decisions that can influence the result, it’s easy to see why. New research published today in Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications, a Springer Open journal (sister company of BioMed Central) looks at how top level referees’ enhanced visual perception helps them spot foul play and make these split second decisions. Author of the study, Jochim Spitz, tells us more.
You can also read this on the Springer Open blog


The food versus biofuels debate


  As the human population grows, we are depleting our natural resources such as oil reserves and land that is suitable for agriculture. In response to declining fossil fuel reserves, biofuels are increasingly being explored as a renewable alternative. Most of the world’s biofuel is produced in the form of ethanol by fermentation of sugar… Read more »

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