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BioMed Central at SfN 2013


At BioMed Central, we’re passionate about neuroscience, with a strong portfolio of open access journals, ranging from those dedicated to the field, such as BMC Neuroscience, Molecular Brain and Journal of Neuroinflammation, to broader scope journals with a strong emphasis on advances in neuroscience. We are committed to serving the community’s needs and continue to… Read more »


Molecular and Cellular Therapies launches with BioMed Central

Molecular and Cellular Therapies

Molecular and Cellular Therapies is a new BioMed Central journal, which publishes its first articles today. The journal is led by Editors-in-Chief Xiangdong Wang and Bryon Peterson, and the four Section Editors, Ulf Andersson Ørom, Andrew Badley, Marek Malecki and Dan Peer. Molecular and Cellular Therapies aims to publish both basic and clinical research that… Read more »


Fire ants – queens, clones, and burning bites

  The 5th of November is upon us, the day Guy Fawkes decided to blow up Parliament (and failed). With bonfires and fireworks lighting up throughout the UK, we thought we’d highlight some fiery research. Don’t worry, we won’t be discussing the adverse health risks of fumes or  the danger of wildfires. Instead we’ll be… Read more »