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Could biophysics help Novak Djokovic?

Last year, ATP World Tennis Number 1 Novak Djokovic cut out all wheat products from his diet. According to his nutritionist—who “discovered” an intolerance to gluten—It was this drastic change in eating habits that led directly to his current dominance of the game. Unfortunately, this approach is currently the only effective treatment available for sufferers… Read more »


Breaking walls and mending organs

In a recent Comment in BMC Biology, Gregory Petsko appeals to some particularly surprising patterns of comorbidity in support of the argument for breaking the traditional boundaries between disciplines in translational research. This ever-topical issue featured at a recent panel session combining two parallel Keystone conferences on Regenerative Tissue Engineering and Transplantation and Mechanisms of… Read more »


The future of evolutionary epidemiology

The impending age of big data has been inescapable in recent discourse, both scientific and otherwise. The prevailing metaphors cast big data as a tsunami or an avalanche, suggesting natural disaster poised to dash hapless researchers against the rocks. They are, of course, no such thing, and offer many opportunities provided that one is prepared…. Read more »


Monsef Benkirane elected new EMBO member

Retrovirology Associate Editor Monsef Benkirane has been elected as a new 2012 EMBO member.  Fifty-five new members were elected this year. Election is based on scientific excellence and is one of the highest honors bestowed on European and international scientists.  Please see the following link for more details.  We congratulate Monsef for this deserving… Read more »


Celebrating the launch of Agriculture & Food Security

The Bibliotheca Alexandrina emulates the Ancient Library of Alexandria as a major centre for scholarship and dissemination of knowledge.  It is in this spirit that the Library organises the biennial BioVisionAlexandria meeting, bringing together distinguished speakers, including Nobel Laureates, from around the globe. The ideology of BioVisionAlexandria 2012 is reflected in our vision for Agriculture… Read more »


Greater Depths to the Deepwater Horizon oil disaster

Two years after the Deepwater Horizon drilling disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the extent of its ecological impact is still to be fully assessed. In field studies from coastal marsh areas four months after the spill, exposure to the oil has been linked to divergence in genomic expression and aberrant protein expression in killifish… Read more »


Painless publishing and the roots of the re-review revolt

Over the past few weeks, eLife has posted a manifesto, and EMBOencounters and Journal of Cell Biology  have published editorials, all promising strategies to avoid the iniquities of iterative reviewing, recently also the focus of invective from Hidde Ploegh and Gregory Petsko. We have addressed the problem with a policy we call  re-review opt-out. Clearly… Read more »