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List of Previous Retrovirology Prize Winners

I have been asked to list the names of past Retrovirology Prize winners.  They are: 2005 Stephen P. Goff (Columbia University) 2006 Joseph Sodroski (Harvard University) 2007 Karen Beemon (Johns Hopkins) 2008 Ben Berkhout (AMC, University Amsterdam) 2009 Thierry Heidmann (CNRS, Universite Paris-Sud)        


Nominations accepted until Oct 31st for 2010 Retrovirology Prize

The Retrovirology Prize alternates yearly between recognizing a non-HIV retrovirologist (2009 and odd years) and an HIV retrovirologist (2010 and even years). There can be some discretion on this guideline, exercised from time-to-time by the selection committee. Any individual can initiate a nomination of others or self-nominate. A nomination includes a statement (1000 words or… Read more »


MIQE precis: with reference to reference genes

Genes that maintain constant expression under a variety of circumstances are known as ‘reference genes’. They are vital for researchers who need to quantify gene expression changes in other genes and need a ‘reference point’ against which to do so. BMC Molecular Biology, has to date published around 200 reference gene-related papers from researchers working… Read more »


Biology Direct launches new online submission system

Biology Direct – which operates a novel scheme of open peer review – has launched a new online submission system to make submission to the journal considerably more straightforward. The journal launched in 2006 as an experiment in open and published peer review; an “unapologetically ambitious” attempt to establish a new system of peer review… Read more »


Support BMC's 10 K Charity Run

Next week 20 BioMed Central employees will be taking on Nature Publishing Group in a clash of the science publishing titans, in the form of 10K charity run through Regent’s Park in London. BioMed Central set this challenge in a bid to raise funds for our partner charity, Computer Aid International, an IT charity which… Read more »

Biology Open Access

Journal of Molecular Signaling welcomes new co-Editor-in-Chief

Yung Hou Wong, Head of the Section of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Division of Life Science, at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, has recently joined Journal of Molecular Signaling as co-Editor-in-Chief alongside Danny Dhanasekaran. Professor Wong is a leading expert in the molecular pharmacology of G protein-coupled receptors, signal transduction and integration…. Read more »