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Can satellites measure carbon emissions from deforestation?

A recent article published in Carbon Balance & Management suggests the use of satellite technology for monitoring global carbon stocks. Deforestation and forest degradation accounts for nearly a third of anthropogenic carbon emissions and reduction of these emissions is an important aspect of climate change policy. However, effective management and reduction of these emissions relies… Read more »


Canine Vector-Borne Diseases supplement published in Parasites & Vectors

  Parasites & Vectors has published its first supplement, comprising proceedings of the 4th International Canine Vector-Borne Disease (CVBD) Symposium being held in Seville on 25th-28th March 2009. A selection of review articles and short reports highlight the control, treatment, taxonomy and changing distribution of CVBDs, including leishmaniosis, dirofilariosis and babesiosis.  It is likely that… Read more »


Jean-Luc Darlix participates to raise 6.3 million Euros for SIDACTION

Retrovirology editorial board member  Jean-Luc Darlix participated this past weekend to help raise 6.3 million Euros for AIDS research. Jean-Luc has been involved in SIDACTION since its founding.  In the inset, he discusses his views on today’s HIV-1 research, the difficulties with the failed Merck vaccine study, and hopes for increased cooperation between research laboratories. 

Biology Open Access

Lyon March 2009: Meeting B on Biological Agents

34 Scientists have participated to the Meeting B on Biological agents (24 February-3 March 2009) for the elaboration of vol 100 of IARC Monograph entitled A review of human carcinogens. This issue will represent a relevant and authoritative update on all biological agents so far associated with human cancers. The volume, which as been coordinated by Vincent Cogliano, Head of  IARC… Read more »



On 21st-23rd September, BioMed Central is holding “FRONTIERS OF RETROVIROLOGY: Complex retroviruses, retroelements and their hosts” in Montpellier, France. Co-sponsors include: Institut Pasteur, Agence National de Recherches sur le Sida and the Institut de Génétique Humaine Frontiers of Retrovirology will bring together leading human retrovirus researchers to review current progress and to map future challenges…. Read more »