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Call for papers! Introducing BMC Ecology and Evolution’s New Collection: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services and Sustainable Development


Biodiversity helps to ensure a healthy and functioning planet. We depend on biodiversity to facilitate ecosystem services essential for life and our well-being. These include the microorganisms that enrich soil and purify water, the pollinators that give us food, and the plants that absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, as the human impact on the planet intensifies, the ability of ecosystems to provide these services is increasingly compromised.

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Introducing the BMC Series SDG Editorial Board Members: Moustafa Magliyah


Moustafa Magliyah is a consultant ophthalmologist at Prince Mohammed Medical City in Aljouf, Saudi Arabia. Currently, he is the director of the ophthalmology center and the ophthalmology specialty supervisor in the Aljouf region. He completed his subspecialty training in medical retina and uveitis at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) in 2020. His research work is mainly focused on inherited retinal diseases and uveitis. Moustafa has been an Editorial Board Member of BMC Ophthalmology since 2020. He aspires to contribute to the ophthalmology field and improve healthcare in ophthalmology through his clinical and research works.


Improving the quality and transparency of health research through innovation in reporting guidelines


Globally, publishers strongly encourage or mandate the use of reporting guidelines to improve research integrity and reporting. The use of reporting guidelines in structuring and writing research significantly improves the reliability and reproducibility of the methods and results presented. However, there are still many barriers that prevent authors finding, accessing, and using reporting guidelines effectively.


Opportunities and Challenges for Evidence-based Decision making in Health Sciences using Real-World Data


In this blog, Dr. Fang Liu and Dr. Demosthenes Panagiotakos, editors of the collection Methods and Applications on Real-world Data launched by BMC Medical Research Methodology, discuss the opportunities and the challenges generated using RWD for the development of evidence-based health decision (Real-world Evidence, RWE).
The collection welcomes content highlighting opportunities and challenges around methods and applications for RWD, as well as big data challenges in medical research, and is currently open for submissions.

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