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Highlights of the BMC Series – February 2021

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• Associations between occupation and heavy alcohol consumption in UK adults aged 40–69 years: a cross-sectional study using the UK Biobank
• A gap existed between physicians’ perceptions and performance of pain, agitation-sedation and delirium assessments in Chinese intensive care units
• Impact of improvement of sleep disturbance on symptoms and quality of life in patients with functional dyspepsia
• Trunk and lower limb muscularity in sprinters: what are the specific muscles for superior sprint performance?
• Alleviating psychological distress associated with a positive cervical cancer screening result: a randomized control trial

Health Medicine

Alcohol Policies, Firearm Policies, and Suicide in the United States


Alcohol and firearms are commonly involved in suicide in the United States, and less restrictive alcohol and firearm policies are associated with excessive alcohol use and violent deaths, respectively. However, little is known about relationships between alcohol and firearm policies and suicides involving alcohol, firearms, or both. The authors of a study published today in BMC Public Health find that more restrictive alcohol and firearm policies are associated with lower rates and odds of suicides involving alcohol or firearms, and alcohol and firearms. Read their blog below.