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Fishing for iodine

bonobos fishingCGB

Iodine is critical for brain development, especially the higher cognitive functions of the brain. In an exciting new article, now published in BMC Zoology, researchers describe how the foraging activities of bonobos in the Congo basin give us an insight into how prehistoric humans obtained this nutrient, and is the first report of iodine consumption by a nonhuman primate.

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Better care through technology? Carers’ experience of assistive technology use in dementia

AT dementia

Advances in technology have the potential to assist persons with dementia living at home and their carers through assistive technology devices. Little is known about the experiences of carers, including family, friends, and neighbors, and the impact of these technologies on them. In this blog post, the author of a new systematic review in BMC Geriatrics discusses the findings and highlights important considerations for future development of assistive technologies.

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‘Killing my Own Baby’: Challenges faced by breastfeeding mothers with HIV


Prevention-of-mother-to-child-transmission programs aim to reduce the rate of babies born infected with HIV by treating women during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. These programs are very effective when followed, but adherence is often a challenge. In this blog post, authors of a new qualitative paper published in BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth discuss what they learned from interviewing women who were facing challenges with breastfeeding and with prevention program adherence.

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