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How are low/er strength wines and beers marketed online?


Low alcohol beers and wines have the potential to reduce alcohol consumption by acting as alternatives to regular strength counterparts. However, new research published in BMC Public Health finds that rather than being marketed as alternatives, these lower alcohol drinks were more likely to be sold as being suitable for any occasion and therefore may not be promoting healthy drinking habits.


Challenges in using healthcare services by undocumented migrants in Europe

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Entitlement of undocumented migrants to European healthcare services varies between European countries, and the utilization of these services by undocumented migrants is often poorly recorded. In order to create a better understanding of the overall barriers, authors of the systematic review recently published in BMC Health Services Research examine the challenges faced by undocumented migrants when accessing healthcare services in Europe.


Wake up, and smell the Covfefe


The end-of-life trajectory of the late Dr. Kate Granger MBE, analysed by Joanna Taylor and Claudia Pagliari in a paper recently published in BMC Palliative Care, provides a unique insight into her psycho-social state during the progression of her disease. In this blog, one of the article reviewers, Dr Mark Taubert, reflects on the potential of social media as a tool to study individual experiences such as those recorded by Dr. Granger, their potential to improve palliative and supportive care standards, and the merit of n=1 studies.

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BMC Evolutionary Biology – Highlights of 2017


The curtains have fallen on 2017 and another successful year at BMC Evolutionary Biology has drawn to a close. To highlight these successes, we have taken this opportunity to compile a selection of some of our favorite articles published this year.  Ranging from the re-examination of the ancient archaeopteryx to the discovery of a new species of sock-resembling marine organism, we have selected a handful of papers covering an array of intriguing subjects that we think make fascinating reading.