Monthly Archives: November 2016

Introducing the ‘Global Health’ Section Editor for BMC Public Health


BMC Public Health is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Tim K. Mackey from the University of California, San Diego – School of Medicine and the Global Health Policy Institute as the new Section Editor for the ‘Global Health’ section of the journal. If you are interested in joining the Editorial Board as Professor Mackey’s co-Section Editor or Deputy Section Editor, please contact Natalie Pafitis, Editor of BMC Public Health.


Understanding a species’ demographic history to avoid an “unexpected” extinction


In our recently published paper in BMC Evolutionary Biology, we take advantage of next generation sequencing technologies and paleoclimatic niche modeling to study the population genetic structure and demographic history of the European turtle dove (Streptopelia turtur). In this commentary we would like to highlight the importance of reconstructing the demographic history of species, in particular we hope to understand why the European turtle doves’ numbers are plummeting in many areas of its range and its potential consequences.