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Understanding the male sex industry

Male sex workers

The male sex industry has become an increasingly visible part of society, assisted by factors such as globalisation and technology. With few resources and little support readily available for male sex workers, this population may be at higher risk for health problems. A review article published today in BMC Public Health discusses how challenges emerging from the changing structure of male sex work should be confronted.


Coral Fact Files

IMG_5564 Credit Mark Vermeij

Take a look at these fact files showing the diversity of Caribbean coral to accompany new insights on coral reef conservation published in BMC Ecology. Researchers have successfully bred and raised a rare and threatened Caribbean coral species in the lab.


From identification to genetic characterization – solving the mystery of rare diseases in veterinary medicine


Unraveling the aetiology of rare diseases is usually a challenging task in veterinary medicine. Individual case reports of animals affected by rare diseases can prove valuable in helping to detect previously unknown genetic diseases. BMC Veterinary Research reports on the changing face of veterinary genetics, and how using state-of-the-art methods has helped a team of investigators to provide a genetic explanation for the rare skin disorder, epidermolysis bullosa, presented in a new-born calf.


Celebrating 150 years of Mendelian Genetics


On March 8, 1865, Gregor Mendel presented his findings “Experiments in Plant Hybridization” at the Natural History Society of Brno. His experiments in pea plants allowed him to elucidate the laws of genetic inheritance, which pre-dated the molecular era. We still celebrate his achievements, 150 years later.


A seizure, or not a seizure – that is the question


With the constant advances in mobile phone technology, we now have the luxury of video-recorders at our fingertips. Online video-sharing websites are home to millions of uploaded videos from pet owners sharing the funny moments in their animals’ lives with the world, from clumsy kittens to dancing dogs. However, it is not all viral videos and internet animal sensations; there is a serious side to some of these videos.