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European Congress of Radiology 2014

BMC Medical Imaging has recently returned from the European Congress of Radiology 2014 (ECR 2014),  the 20th  annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology held in Vienna. Extremely well organised, the congress became a forum for experts to learn and debate about the latest advances in imaging techniques and their clinical applications. Besides the… Read more »


BMC Anesthesiology heads back to Brussels for ISICEM 2014


BMC Anesthesiology is once again Brussels bound this year for the 34thInternational Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine, which is taking place from 18th-21st March. In between sampling the local chocolate, waffles, mussels and beer, we will also be indulging in the very best that critical care research has to offer, and finding out… Read more »


Highlights of the BMC-series: February 2014


Suffering Syrian refugees • You are what your gran ate • BMI affects brain volume • A missing piece in skull shape • Cannibal ladybirds • Delayed sleep and depression • What’s in a name? • Subsidised nutrition works Women’s health: Suffering Syrian refugees A needs assessment of more than 400 women displaced into neighbouring… Read more »

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Hiding the truth – how one bird fools another

Great tit nest

There are many things we might think of when admiring the song birds we see in our gardens and woodlands; their bright plumage, the beautiful singing, the chicks waiting back in the nest. Cunning and duplicitous mind games between birds engaged in a battle of wits? Not so much. Yet research coming out of Finland… Read more »