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BMC Biochemistry will see you at Experimental Biology 2013

BMC Biochemistry will be attending Experimental Biology 2013, which is being held at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center from the 20th-24th of April. In addition to taking advantage of the wide range of talks on offer, our Executive Editor Tom Rowles is very interested in meeting with researchers to discuss their work and interests…. Read more »


BMC Infectious Diseases ist ein Berliner

Berlin has seen more than its fair share of microbiology pioneers, including Robert Koch and Paul Ehrlich. In light of this it is only fitting that Berlin will be the host city for the 23rd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID 2013) from the 27th-30th April. BMC Infectious Diseases will be attending… Read more »


Old problems, new ways to solve them

EuroSciCon held their 10th annual ‘Histopathology: advances in research and techniques’ meeting at the Royal College of Pathologists in London on April 12th. The meeting was attended by histopathologists from across Europe, as well as by BMC Clinical Pathology. Topics ranged widely, from the introduction of the newest technologies to the best ways to utilise… Read more »


A systems approach to understand biodiversity

Adapted from Fig 6 Mantle et al ZooKeys 209, 147-163

A grand vision for the future of biodiversity research puts technological innovation at its heart, and calls for greater openness in data sharing, standardisation and citizen science. Your smartphone might  just help us understand how the natural world works. Snap a picture of a bird, tag the image with details of where and when you… Read more »

Open Access

Increasing awareness of Schmallenberg virus – BMC Veterinary Research wants your papers

As if the recent bout of cold weather hadn’t sufficiently served to increase the fears of British livestock farmers struggling with livestock losses, in addition to the falling price of lamb, several European countries, including the UK, are currently subject to the emergence of a devastating arbovirus affecting ruminant animals – Schmallenberg virus (SBV).  Although… Read more »


BMC Hematology launches

Today marks the launch of BMC Hematology within the BMC series of journals published by BioMed Central. Formerly known as BMC Blood Disorders, the journal was renamed in response to the feedback received from key opinion leaders in the field and in consultation with our Editorial Board. This change of name is intended to emphasize… Read more »


Ecological analysis, 75 million years in the making

Parasaurolophus walkeri restoration_Steveoc 86_Wikimedia Commons cc

The fossilised bones of a diverse assemblage of herbivorous dinosaurs provide clues about the feeding ecology of these extinct creatures, but suggests more evidence is needed to find out how such diversity was able to be maintained. The fossil record is a capricious thing; we take from it only what chance dictates is preserved through… Read more »


Highlights of the BMC-series: March 2013

Sports medicine comes to the BMC-series • Biochemistry insights into blood clotting • The ethics of baby hatches • Pharmacology, an on target approach • Cystatin C in ocular inflammation • Left handed sugar gliders? • BMC Research Notes needs you   Sports Medicine: BMC Sports Science, Medicine and Rehabilitation launches With the prevalence of… Read more »

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