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Highlights of the BMC-series: July 2012

July has been a fantastic month for the BMC-series! The sun has finally shone on our London offices after weeks of rain, we have our first video highlight, Darwin the puppy made two appearances on the BMC Genetics homepage (see more below) and we published the following great articles. Oh and there’s some sporting event… Read more »


Why a turtle is (still) not a lepidosaur

BMC Biology publishes today a research article (from Chiari et al) on the placement of turtles in the evolutionary tree, which supports their position as a sister group to the birds and crocodiles (collectively called the archosaurs). This isn’t the first time that a similar placement has been supported, as Blair Hedges – who published… Read more »


Cell death on celluloid

Ever wondered what 48 hours in the life and death of a cell looks like? I guess most people’s answers to that questions might be “no”, but honestly – it’s fascinating. Programmed Cell Death (PCD) occurs in both plants and animals, and is quite often a tightly regulated series of events. Sometimes these events can… Read more »


Journal clubs tweeting to success

The BMC-series is a big fan of twitter (@BMC-series) and an even bigger fan of promoting scientific discussion and debate. Virtual journal clubs allow researchers all over the world to interact using tweets to discuss articles and next week BMC Microbiology is under the spotlight! The following guest blog from Emma Trantham invites you to… Read more »


P-p-pester a penguin

You might think that banging together two metal bars in close proximity to a penguin would be cruel. But it turns out that they actually don’t seem to mind too much, at least not if they’ve lived alongside similar noises for the last 50 years or so. A new article published today in BMC Ecology… Read more »