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A new category of human rights: neurorights


Neuroscience provides us with an insight into the mental processes underpinning human behavior: thanks to rapid advances in neurotechnology it is possible to record, monitor, decode and modulate the neural correlates of mental processes with ever more accuracy. In this rapidly evolving technological scenario, a new paper, published in Life Sciences, Society and Policy, advocates for reconceptualizing and even creating new human rights: the right to cognitive liberty, mental privacy, mental integrity, and psychological continuity.


Women’s interest development and motivations to persist as college students in STEM

by Argonne National Laboratory

If women continue to be underrepresented in STEM, gaining deeper understanding of what makes some of them motivated in science is an important step in addressing this. A mixed methods study published in International Journal of STEM Education investigates what experiences women credited for influencing their career interest goals and their motivation to succeed: read their own words, the enthusiasm is infectious.