A scientific poetry competition for #SpotOn16

SpotOn, which will be dedicated to discussing the future of peer review, is less than a month away! To mark the event, hosted by BioMed Central, Digital Science and the Wellcome Trust, we are pleased to announce a brand new competition!

One of SpotOn’s talks will be ‘Peer Review Poetry’ chaired by the Science Communication Lecturer and poet Sam Illingworth and his poetic partner in crime Dan Simpson. To get everyone’s creative juices flowing, we are launching our own science poetry competition in the build-up to the big event.

Maybe you fancy yourself as the Coleridge of clinical trials, the Auden of Alzheimer’s research or perhaps the Shelley of stem cells? Send us your most imaginative verse with a scientific theme! For an added challenge – can you wax lyrical about peer review?

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out Sam’s poems on his website.

The winning poem will receive £50 in Amazon vouchers AND have their poem read out live at the event by Sam (even if you sadly won’t be able to make it to SpotOn on the 5th of November!)

We are accepting submissions NOW and up until the event, so please send them to the following email address: spoton@biomedcentral.com with the subject line: ’poem’. Please include your name, contact details, and institution/ affiliation.

For all those who can attend be sure to register for SpotOn which takes place at the Wellcome Collection on the 5th of November.

So grab a pen and paper, summon some stanzas, write some rhymes and turn your scientific passions into poetry!

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