We've had a make-over


We’ve transferred our blogs to WordPress. WordPress allows us to introduce features which we hope make it easier for you to navigate the blogs, find content which is relevant and interesting, and participate in conversation.

New structure: we have introduced a new top level page, showcasing highlights from blogs across the BioMed Central blog network. This is designed to make navigating the sites more intuitive and to bring new content to the forefront.
Improved navigation: the new blog framework provides improved navigation through our ever-expanding content. You can discover content via links, via the archive, and via tags and tag clouds.
Enhanced share options: we have added easy-to-use share options which are positioned prominently on individual blog posts, on blog homepages and on tag feed pages. You can share content using a variety of social media outlets including Twitter and Facebook.
More RSS feed options: these help you manage relevant content and keep up to date,  additional RSS feed options are available. You can now subscribe to RSS feed for specific tags, blogs, and also for comment threads.
Comments: we are using a new tool for comments, called DisQus. It is easier to use and has a simpler, uncluttered look and feel. You can log in different ways, including Open Id, which should make it simpler to comment. It is also possible to subscribe to comment threads by email or RSS so you can follow the conversation more easily.

The blogs have new addresses but any bookmarks created in your browser or links to our blogs from third party websites redirect to the new sites.

Blog network pages

The new network pages are at https://blogs.biomedcentral.com and https://blogs.springeropen.com. The BioMed Central blog network showcases new content from across the BioMed Central blogs and the SpringerOpen blog network showcases new content from across the SpringerOpen blogs.

The new network looks like this:

Journal blogs have also changed:

Individual blog posts now look like this:

Further info

We are now here:

We’d love to know what you think of the new look, new functionality blogs. Leave us a comment!

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