Introducing the BioMed Central author academy

Publishing research in international English-language journals, to reach the widest possible audience, is a critical goal for scientists.  A search of the expanded Science Citation index shows that 93% of the content is published in English.

Clearly, authors who are less practised in reading and writing in English need to work much harder than their peers, in order to communicate their findings. With this discrepancy in mind, BioMed Central has formed a partnership with a language editing company Edanz,  to serve authors who wish to have their work edited by a scientific expert who is a native speaker of English. The Editors at Edanz have now pooled their expertise to create the BioMed Central author academy,  a free online learning resource for authors on writing and publishing in scientific journals.

As well as advice on how to structure and write a good research article, the author academy includes help on choosing a target journal and publication ethics. Edanz have strong history of mentorship through running author workshops across Asia and the middle East, and more recently with BioMed Central in Brazil.  BioMed Central and Edanz are committed to engaging with scientists globally, to help increase the chance of successful publication. Let us know what you think about the new author academy.  

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