Two new awards announced for 4th Annual Research Awards

As part of our 4th Annual Research Awards, we have added some new awards. In 2010, Genome Biology will celebrate its tenth birthday, to mark the occasion we will be presenting the ‘Genome Biology Award – Celebrating 10 years of excellence‘. The award will recognise any ground-breaking article, methodology or software published in Genome Biology during 2009.  The winning article will be judged by a panel including the journal’s Editor, Clare Garvey, along with external experts in the field.

In addition, BioMed Central will present another two awards recognising the best image and movie published in Biology Image Library during 2009. The judging panel includes BioMed Central’s Biology Director, Dr Michaela Torkar and Associate Editorial Director (Biology), Dr Miranda Robertson.

These awards will be presented alongside our well-established Biology and Medicine Prizes which recognise excellent research published in any of our 199 journals during 2009.

Nominations for any of these awards can be made via the 4th Annual Research Awards website.

The winners will be announced at a ceremony in June 2010.

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