Gratitude and Platitude

It’s very common for companies to gather together the positive feedback they’ve received and send it round internally, and I felt that it was high time we did the same for us. Although, I’ve removed any mention of those involved, to avoid potential embarrassment at such gushing praise, here are a few of our favourites for your public perusal:

  • We think you have been absolutely fantastic and we really do appreciate all of the hard work you have put in to deal with our queries and requests.
  • I’m incredibly impressed by your ability to turn round these sorts of problems within hours (even minutes) rather than days or weeks!
  • Like a good Santa you gave us almost everything we wanted, but held enough back for next year and because we weren’t perfect this year! 
  • …much better than socks and a poorly-knitted cardigan! That’s fantastic thank you
  • Just let you know that the launch was very successful and people showed great interests in the repository. Many thanks for your support
  • We are very satisfied with your service so far! I am happy you are developing helpful tools of great importance!
  • Big thanks for all the work
  • You are really rocking, today!
  • Are you trying to test my coronaries, or just good at timing?
  • Thanks very much for this – it has indeed gone! I think I need to lie in a darkened room now…
  • I am grateful to you for going beyond normal limits to help get this off the ground
  • What would I do without your willingness to shed light on these mysteries for me!
  • Thanks for this.  You’ve been remarkably quick.
  • We really appreciate the attention you’ve given us on all these picky details.

And finally…

  • Thanks for this reassurance – I actually thought I had lost the plot…  No – you’re completely correct, I’ve clearly lost the plot. Now slightly concerned that I’ve lost a day though! Wonder what else I’ve missed…

In return, we’d like to say thank you too, to everyone we work with for making our jobs not only interesting, but also highly pleasurable.

And for our own and finally, we’ve realised that during their involvement with Open Repository, at least two administrators have got married, and two have fallen pregnant. Now, we’re not saying that… well, make of it what you will!

Tune in next week for some more news you might Digg (groan!)

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