Information World Review Article

I was very excited to see that Information World Review has published an article about Open Repository (Issue 242, January 2008), but at the same time very disappointed to find some inaccuracies in it.

Unfortunately, the article was a little confusing, calling DSpace an ‘Internet Content Distributor’ and suggesting that we have only recently started to incorporate aspects of DSpace into Open Repository – far from it.  DSpace is something that provides the basic open source foundation for our service, and is a project we have been involved in from the start.


I was also disappointed to find that we had been misquoted in the article. Graham Triggs is very much actively involved in the technical direction of DSpace, going forwards. But that’s quite a way from being responsible for the strategic direction of DSpace, or even for the technical direction of DSpace. Michele Kimpton is responsible for the direction of DSpace as a whole, and the chair of the DSpace architecture group is John Mark Ockerbloom. 
There is a further factual inaccuracy in that we do not run a repository for the University of Wales but for the University of Wolverhampton.

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