Institutional open access guides and resources

A number of institutions and libraries now provide excellent support material to ensure that researchers know about the benefits of open access publishing and archiving. 

The best guides provide a clear summary of what open access is, what benefits it offers (both to researchers and to the wider community), and what individual researchers can do to make open access into a reality. Increasingly, these resources also provide researchers with  important information
about the latest open access policies and requirements from research funders.

Institutions which have created such information resources for their users include:

In addition, several national organizations have created their own open access information resources, including:

For more information about open access advocacy and the role institutional librarians can play, see:

open access resource guides are a great way to help faculty find out more about open access, and if you are a librarian we encourage you to create such a guide, customized to the needs of your users.

If your institution already has a guide to open access which is not included in the list above, please let us know so we can update this list.

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