OR Women's Continental Classic T-shirtMy original title for this post was going to be ‘Get your rocks off’ but I wasn’t sure how many of you would get the reference – it’s a line from a song by Primal Scream.  Still, there are many things that rock / Rock: the ‘Scream for one, archiving (especially self-archiving) and our brand new OR t-shirts.

The shirts,  the dependable all round Comfort T and women’s Continental Classic (pictured), have just been added to the BioMed Central collection and are now available in a variety of sizes in white and pink respectively with our ‘Archiving Rocks’ slogan on the front and the OR logo on the back.

And if simply having an OR t-shirt isn’t enough 2€ from every shirt sold goes to Computer Aid International to help provide refurbished computers for use in the developing world.

The first person to send us a picture of themselves in an OR t-shirt (and no photoshoppery please) wins a prize of some kind. 

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