Servers, stats, a good end to the week

As the sun sets on the week a moment’s reflection to see where we’ve got to.  The move to the new severs was virtually seamless all things considered and all the sites were back up and running by midday after some necessary and expected last minute tweaking.  It may not feel as if much has changed but we know we’re running on a much stronger platform and are far less likely to suffer some of the service drop outs of before: missing email alerts and the like.  Talking of which the stats are back up, something we’ve had to wait for this move to fix..  The indexers are running nicely and it really should be smooth sailing from now on.  

Famous last words!

Alongside the server upgrade things are progressing nicely with the 1.4.1 upgrade and next week I’m going to be able to do some initial testing on the new build.  We’ve completed the work on the home page, the submission form and the personal and researcher pages and we’re now moving through the rest of the site cleaning and tidying as we go.  I’m expecting a public test site to be available within the month and a roll out finally towards the end of August.

That’ll be famous last words part 2!!

I’ll add some more information about 1.4.1 next week since I’ve been promising to since before I left on holiday.

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